Sexual Disorientation of Catholic Church = Why abuse will continue

Sexual Disorientation of the Catholic Church
Why sexual abuse will continue

Recently a new report was published about the sexual abuse committed by members of the Catholic Church. This is a report as there has been more in the past. Unfortunately those reports always focus on the past. In their best form the report will condemn the wrong doing and give also some explanations how the sexual abuse was possible. In this article I will give a social- sexuological explanation why sexual abuse exist so widely within this community.

Causes that will be discussed are the sexual frustration of many Catholic people; the taboo of discussing any sexual issue; the hierarchic organisation structure; the system where wrongdoing can be paid-off in a systematic manner; the interests of the leaders of the church to cushion wrongdoing; the mores not to be sexual active leads to sexual excesses or orgy; the absence of sexual upbringing; the absence of sexual instruments like condoms or option for abortion; the celibacy throttling law; the fact that members of the church are expected to confide the priest; the policy of asking God (not the victim) for forgiveness of wrongdoing; the sexualogical dynamic that abstinence leads to dissipation.

In the prosecution of the offenders occurs another problem. The Catholic Church has always considered itself as an sovereign power. It has its own Canonical Law and as representative of God on earth the Catholic Church feels not obliged to obey State Laws. Apart from the legal dispute of sustainability of that arrogant attitude it explains a lot about how the Catholic Church Institute deals with alarming signals from individual local Churches. In my 1997 study of another specific group of sex offenders I found the following classification.  With regards to the interpretation of sex offences, I came to the conclusion that that this kind of offence can be divided into three categories. Rape and sexual assault are together offences committed against individual freedom. In cases of indecent assault meaning sex with minors or otherwise dependents the offence is against trust. Exhibitionism together with pornography are offences against tolerance. In the perspective of that classification it doesn’t matter what Law system is used. Clearly offences against individual freedom and offences against trust should be condemned by any secular of spiritual judgement.

The goal of this publication is to warn future victims within the Catholic Church. Sexual abuse within the Catholic Church will continue. Many priests, pastor & vicar, monks and nuns will commit sexual crimes.

Sexual morality in Catholic Church

It is well known that for the Catholic Church as Institute there is a taboo about any issue related to sexuality. Since this is the common sense of the Catholic Church it is very hard for their representatives and members to discuss any sexual issue. In the science of  sexology it is known that if sexuality is not accepted it will lead to more sexual excesses. In sociology it has been proven that issues / behavior that can not be discussed creates a good climate to continue that behavior non – inhibited.

About the author: M. Boelrijk LL.D. M.A.crim has published many articles about criminal sexology or forensic sexology and sexual crimes. He has been chair of several research committees for reported intimidation sexual offenses.

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2 reacties op Sexual Disorientation of Catholic Church = Why abuse will continue

  1. Ray Dubuque zegt:

    I am not a professional “sexologist”. But I have the advantage of having been a Catholic priest and to know that church very well from the inside, and I ofer my unique insights as to WHY the R.C. church has so many problems with just about EVERYTHING related to S E X : http://JesusWouldBeFurious.Org/Churchvsex.html .

  2. zedenrecht zegt:

    Vatican official thanks media for uncovering Church abuse
    Reuters: The Vatican’s new sexual crimes prosecutor on Tuesday acknowledged that the U.S. media “did a service” to the Catholic Church through its aggressive reporting on child abuse that helped the Church “confront the truth”.

    The rare acknowledgement came from Father Robert Oliver, a canon lawyer from the U.S. diocese of Boston, speaking at his first public appearance since becoming the Vatican’s “Promoter of Justice” last week.

    “I think that certainly those who continued to put before us that we need to confront this problem did a service,” he said in response to a question on whether the role of an aggressive American media was, in hindsight, a blessing for the Church.

    “They (the media) helped to keep the energy, if you will, to keep the movement going so that we would, honestly and with transparency, and with our strength, confront what is true,” he told a news conference.

    Since the abuse scandal erupted in Boston in 2002 and spread around the world, some Church and Vatican officials have accused the media of irresponsible journalism and exaggeration.

    Oliver, whose Vatican department investigates cases of abuse, is the successor to Monsignor Charles Scicluna, who held the post for 10 years before being named a bishop in Malta.

    Last year’s landmark symposium brought together some 200 people including bishops, leaders of religious orders, victims of abuse and psychologists.

    Officials said about 600 cases of abuse – most of which took place from 1965 to 1985 – are being reported each year.

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